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Meeting, Greeting & Organizing [Apr. 22nd, 2006|01:29 am]
This post is so that those who have shown interest in the online gangbang can meet one another all in one place, get to know each other a bit and we can begin to see each other's taste and arrange a time. If you're still interested in the gangbang, come reply to this post, so we can get things under way. Let us know:

1) What name we should call you.
2) Age/Sex/Orientation.
3) Your tastes, turn-ons, turn-offs.
4) What IMs you use and what times you might be available.

Maybe even reply to each other. This should be fun.

[User Picture]From: softnsmooth
2009-01-16 09:50 pm (UTC)
1. Kitten
2. 24/Female/bisexual (currently in a relationship with a man but he doesn't mind the cybering. He knows it just means I come to bed with wicked ideas.)
3. I start off pretty vanilla. I like blowjobs, oral sex of all kinds really, biteing and the like. However, the more worked up I get, the more I want to play. I have done some pretty severe BDSM (no blood or fluids please), age-play, moresome, really the more you make me feel lusted after the more I will want to do! Favorite position is being taken from behind, my arms behind me holding around the significant other's neck, my back arched hard. It makes me feel taught like a bowstring *shiver* and it is yummmy!
4.Smoothnsoft23 on both AIM and Yahoo
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